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PiBoxTouch - midi size
The streamer housing for the Raspberry Pi
Die PiBoxTouch

The PiBoxTouch was developed by the wish to build a smaller housing, suitable for the desktop or a small audiosystem.
The same RaspberryPi touchscreen is used as in the large cases, but without the keyboard-module and without a inner mounting base. The sides are made of black anodised aluminum profiles, the back is made of a black anodised aluminum plate, the base and cover of black coated steelplates.

Exterior dimensions:
Width 235mm
Depth 250mm
Height 130mm (without feets)

In addition to the display, the following components are integrated into the front:
- Rocker switch (included in the kit)
- Power-Led (incl. resistor for 5V included in the kit)
- Cover plate for infrared receivers, behind there is a hole D=10mm for your own projects. (plate is included in the kit)

Construction example with black finished front, milled rear wall, mounted electronics and installed volumio..

example housing    example housing    example housing
example housing    example housing    example housing
example housing    example housing    example housing   

The kit contains the following parts for building the housing
and is available at our shop .

- Front
- Body parts
- Power switch
- Cover plate or infrared receiver
- LED with resistor

For all other components everyone is free in his selection .

I.) Recommendations for assembly
Solder the resistor in series with the LED, insulate all cables and then insert the LED from the rear into the opening.
This has a diameter of 3.2mm.
I have fixed the LED with hot glue, which holds very well and is, if necessary, removable.
The coverplate of the chamber for the infrared receiver I fixed with adhesive for acrylic glass. It is transparent and does not attack the plastic.